Thursday, December 30, 2010

Interior Design of Georgian Home by Charles Faudree

The dream home by Charles Faudree is a horse farm in Virginina. The house is patterned after a classic southern home. The 150-year old beamed ceilings and period palster mantels and moldings handcrafted by a local architectural sculptor give this house warmth and its Georgian looks along with the extensive collection of French and English antiques. The home feels inviting and welcoming despite its grand scale. The house, filled with beautiful collections, gorgeous fabrics and soothing colors, achives a casual elegance that perfectly suits the hunt country life.

During the 1700's Georgian Colonial style became fancy in New England and the Southern colonies. The symmetrical and stately homes imitated the larger, more elaborate English Georgian homes. The Britons drew inspiration from ancient Greece and Rome and the Italian Renaissance during the reign of King George I in the early 1700's and later King George III. Georgian styling became extremely popular with the rich colonists, regular gentry also took on characteristics of the Georgian style.